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Longtime Friend Lyrics

Denver Clayton Moore, Jr. – Longtime Friend Lyrics

I never had a dream worth fighting for
That was until I found you
But if tomorrow never came
And all that’s left is sorrow
I’ll know that my time with you is through
You broke me in two and I came unglued
And all the fights and the screaming’s been subdued
And I’m a martyr it’s true
What I gave to you
You push away and force me to have to choose

I once had a dream worth fighting for
I guess it’s time to start anew
So tomorrow I’ll start looking
For some time to borrow
And then I’ll know if this dream will come true

So plant the seed and move forward
Another dawn, another day, another you
So let tomorrow come, I’ll seize the day
There won’t be any sorrow
I’m moving on; it’s safe to say
I’m pushing through
And I won’t turn around
What’s done is done
I’m not afraid anymore of what you said
You were the apple of my eye
But now you might as well be dead
I’ve had enough; goodbye
Longtime friend
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