Sun came up this morning
And found me fast asleep
And just before I awakened
I dreamed that I saw

Me and you, Rosanna
In old familiar scenes
Of long ago and don't you know
It was a beautiful dream

Rosanna, I still love you
They say there's
Something down South
You can't do without
And it's true

Rosanna, it's you

Bluegrass on the jukebox
Flashing neon signs
California neath my feet
And Georgia on my mind

Oh, Rosanna
Honey, I still love you
It's not those Magnolia trees
Or the sweet summer
Breezes we knew

I miss them, I do
But Rosanna, it's you

Rosanna, honey
I still love you
Oh, Rosanna, honey
I still love you...
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Rosanna Lyrics

Dennis Yost And The Classics IV – Rosanna Lyrics