I'll adjust my lens
To span the distance between
You and this man
Subtracting miles with my dial
They say it takes more time
To properly align
I say I'll wait the while

You always send
The stars down to me
They carry hope
And all of my dreams
You always send
The stars down my way
For me to hold
At the end of each day

Make ready for
When they land
I call unto man
But they stare as if impaired
I refuse to join the rest
In doubting and in jest
My only care is to be prepared

I'll stand until I can stand no more
And I'll wait for your glorious stars
They point and they laugh
True faith is what they lack
Their hoplessness leaves me depressed
What more can I do to show all of them you
To wait here is all that's left
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Send The Stars Lyrics

Denison Marrs – Send The Stars Lyrics