You say you got problems
That you have no home
I feel the sorrow
So you were left all alone
Boy you say you suffer poverty
And that you are hopeless
Something good happens,
You won't be homeless,
For long
Cause I
Feel sorry
(feel sorry)
For you
(for you)
I will help you always
In the good and the bad times
I feel sorry
(for you)
You will be the best
Don't stay on the ground
Get on up
And take what's yours

You say your mom has
Three years to live

You say you have to move out
In three days

I will tell you something
You can stay with me!

Oohh yyaa

I will help you
I feel sorry
(feel sorry)
For you
(for you)

I feel sorry...
For you

So you say your mom passed away
She lived a good life
No one lives forever
Your troubles...
Are my problems too,
Because I'm a human too

Live on with your life
And nothing will get you down
I promise you that
Because I feel sorry
For you...
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I Feel Sorry For You Lyrics

Demonic Tombstones – I Feel Sorry For You Lyrics