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The Summoning Lyrics

Demonic Resurrection – The Summoning Lyrics

I Summon Thee Forth.

I call upon thee, lord of darkness and terror
Unleash your fury on this mortal race

Oh father, abandon us not in this hour of need
Lead us far from this coming oblivion.

From this life to your demonic soul

With my divine power, fear not this coming darkness
For I shall protect you till this life eludes me

My death shall not be in vain

From flesh to stone
From here you shall not pass
I stand before you now
Destiny will follow through

And this is how I die
In my deepest slumber
Through fields of torment my soul will pass
Let me walk free

Distorted images of life, slowly flashing
The scars of my past never receding
Curse me now into darkness
I will withstand this punishment

The meeting of minds, the erupting of thought
Foresee the darkness that ravages your kind

Believe the evil, succumb to it's possession
The power of demons that's merged in your mind

As the sun seeps through the smoke
And the world looks desolate and drained
While the blood drips from the tip of the sword
There lies the warrior unslain

Dead eyes
Dead eyes that see no future

Through my eyes witness my torment
See the horror that only I've seen

Relive my fears, feel my anguish
My testament will be my legacy
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