Begin the madness
Tear down the sign
Ideals and values
They used to keep us in line
Turn a blind eye to jobless millions
Queues of wreckage to be broken down
Leaders feed us their solutions
Mistakes the death cart clears away
Beware of the... Plague
A pig for power
Misplacing trust
Science moves fact to fiction
Disturbing dust
All this in the name of progress
While our existence is sold downstream
Religion plays upon the ruin
While Manson throws away the key
Beware of the... Plague
Don't look at me
I'm not the answer
Look to you
It's where it's at
Don't look at me
I'm not the saviour
It's up to you
To face yourself
What price the future and Orwell's dream
All yours big brother
On twenty two inch screen
The tragedy we bleed human
Can't feed emotion to the zombie brain
And as the rat becomes exhausted
We stand to lose the game
Beware of the... Plague
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The Plague Lyrics

Demon – The Plague Lyrics