Taking in thousands of lore -- Raising the anchor embracing the famine
Cross the path unarmored -- Racing into the divide

Symptoms of fate Calling the name

Stone grows inside with the suffering Sight through chest & anointing the fist
-- crawl into the new seer --
Torche of our madness carries on

Chaos is the catalyst medicating time of need
Misery is paying off listen for voice from the grave
Drinking kings blood barking in lively depression
Swelling havoc reflects expression through age

Tentacles of sufferage

Darkness in the corner of my eye & a filthy sheet of flesh
Laying on the coals yet swimming through smoke & the flames
Riding the vine through the gauntlet of danger soaked time
Abandoning the instincts expression of tusk & the claw

Adaptation a rancid faith Halo burns with bible breath
Crunching all that is skull -- slave to the tusk
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Tusk And Claw Lyrics

Demiricous – Tusk And Claw Lyrics