(Girl I hope your feelin me)
Uh because
(I'm hopin I can chill with you)
Ay Can we show you the
(Finer things)
So so so so
(Baby can we get away)

I know you sick of niggas tellin you they feelin you
Cuz they just flexin, treat you right
That's what I'm finna do
Let me demonstrate
Him ain't finna play
We can do this any day
(So baby can we get away)
I'm talkin trips to them places yeen neva seen
Fuck you right, change your life, show you betta things
It's all real when you fuckin with lil envy
Them niggas, they gon' hate but we pay them no attention

Girl I hope you feelin me
Cause girl I know I'm feel you
If you got some time to spare
I'm hopin I can chill with you
Take you out on shopin sprees
Show you to some finer things
With me you having better days
So baby can we get away (X2)

One minute is all I'm askin is subtract from your time
Spit some words in your ear and relax your mind
Trynna show you new directions
Open your eyes to new routes
And if your heart was made his home then it's time to move out
I kno you're tired of the drama, you're tired of the pain
Tired of the playas and you're tired of the games
You want a real nigga who can chill with you and comfort you
Lil fly I'm here to make you feel so comfortable

Chorus X2

Ay shawty how you doin yeah I'm trynna get to know you girl
Maybe we can get away I take you to my special world
Ay that's a place where I can fulfil all you fantasies
Take you to the room and on the flo that's where your panties be
And I ain't lookin for no girl to spit game to
I want the wifey type that I can give my last name to
Girl I kno I'm diggin you and girl I kno you diggin me
So baby we can get away and chill jus like the summer breeze

Chorus X2
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Chill Wid You Lyrics

Dem Get-A-Way-Boyz – Chill Wid You Lyrics