Touched (feat. Rachel Fuller)

You are my angel and I believe that you were sent from above
Showing me guidance with unconditional love
And I know that it's true

You are my best friend, I can't believe that you came into my life
Giving me strength and I feel so safe in your arms
I will come to no harm

Every time you go away, I will follow you
When you're running scared
And you hide away
I'm right beside you
I am there
I have never been touched like this by another
Or moved or kissed or loved by my lover
Like you love me

You are my angel and I thank god that you came into my life
You are one thing I see when I close my eyes
I'm in the dark of the night


You take me down and bring me back again (x2)
Take me down
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Touched Lyrics

Delerium – Touched Lyrics