If there's any dying to be done, I will
Be the one who get's the dying done, I will
Take a candle to the kingdom come, 'til then
Hold fire, hold fire

From high to low, the motion leans,
Catch me; catch me,
I'm falling fast, and need your wings,
Catch me; catch me,

If there's any crying to be done, I will
Be the one who gets the crying done, I will
Cut my finger 'til the river runs, 'til then
Hold fire, hold fire,

So tell me when the war begins,
Tell me; tell me,
The time has come to own this thing,
Tell me; tell,

Know your history, you need a cross to bare,
Bring your cross to me, live for me if you don't care, (x4)
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Hold Fire Lyrics

Delays – Hold Fire Lyrics