Ain't it just my luck
Seen the last mile
In that old truck
Burned more oil than gas anyway
As far as I could see
Was cornfields and golden leaves
And to top it off
The skies were grey
Then all of a sudden
I saw a car comin'
When she said get in
I was through thumbin'

And I knew I was gone
With one look in her eyes
I felt my heart racin' faster
Than speed of sight
It happened just like that
Zero to love in nothin' flat

The more things sped up
The less I thought
Of my old truck
Our hears were off
And runnin' wild
And the sun began to shine
When we made the county line
We were getting' closer by the mile
And with endless conversation
Our hears mad a confirmation
And without hesitation
We were past my destination
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Zero To Love Lyrics

Del McCoury – Zero To Love Lyrics