When our Wind is wild
A glower rests into your eye
I am the Sun, you are the Rain
We're like Paramours in Vain

See, your Dawn is nigh
Wake the Fire, make Dreams alive
See the curing of the falling rain
Know, it is like when Warmth heals the Pain

Fire, My Sun I never shall espy
That Veil is gone
Before the Claws will grasp the Dawn

We wait upon the
Brink of Night
As we touch the falling rain
We are Paramours in Vain

The growth abiding
It's here to stay
Our Hearts to cherish
Our Hearts are safe

Our time grants those moments
Of Thrill and joy that we need
Hours and hours for our Hearts
To feed with all Emotion that
We breed

Gifts we gave and Thoughts we saved
Are Traps we used and
Love we craved
Fire we craved, our Sun in Vain
Paramours in Vain
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Paramours In Vain Lyrics

Dekadent – Paramours In Vain Lyrics