Things aint the same as the used to be
Don't see the same faces that I used to see
Aint the same love at shows that there used to be
I'll tell you why right now to many fuckin fakes G.
That aint a scene it's a god damn disgrace!

All you fuckin fair weather fans
When a bands hot you're all upon the merch stand
When a bands not you're all upon the broadband talking shit online
You're out your mind

Fuck that shit. Eat dick bitch
Keep talking that shit
Don't nobody wanna hear it

All you fuckin new jacks hating
What the fuck have you done?
Need to stop runnin your mouth
Start havin some fun
This aint a game to us we fuckin play for keeps
It's been said before but talk is cheap

That aint a scene it's a god damn disgrace!
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Fair Weather Fans Lyrics

Deez Nuts – Fair Weather Fans Lyrics