A long time ago, in the valley of old
Mc Deep and his posse found a magic road
And they rode the road 'till the end of the way
Mc Deep and the boys would forever be changed
At the end of the road they found a statue of gold
And from the mouth of the statue came a prophecy told
Four bold warriors of strength will slay
The evil dragon, they will save the day
The mystic ones looked around and said
We'll defend this kingdom 'till the day that we're dead
And they set on their journey decked in armor and swords
'Twas the time to shine and defend the horde
They said a fond farewell to the ones that they loved
And they looked for guidance from the sun above

The first few steps from them were quite nervous
But they looked at each other and they knew that they could do this

Mc deep
Jc, Gee-raff, the Fedd
On a journey to get
The dragon's head

The four found a treasure In King Han's lot
And they crossed the desert that was burning hot
And they fought some goblins and slew some orcs
Killed all the vampires from here to forks
But there was one thing that they didn't expect
The dragon would be so hard to detect
He was a master crafter and crafted his cave

Full of booby traps and endless pits, inside of a maze
The warriors, now determined as ever
Searched around and found panels, and buttons and levers
They bested the maze like the masters they were
Now they had to get to the dragons chamber!
The place was dark and the room smelled dank
But in the corner the beast took take shape
He was a long vile snake and he snorted and said,
Welcome to my castle you will soon be dead!

Mc deep
Jc, Gee-raff, the Fedd
On a journey to get
The dragon's head

The battle raged on for what seemed like days
It was a sight to see, and a sight to amaze
The powers that clashed were so equally strong
That the battle would be exponentially long
Then when hope seemed lost on the human's side
A slew of arrows reigned down from the sky
And another warrior appeared in the cave
And jc loped the dragons head off, it was slain
The warriors approached her and shook her hand
And they then asked her to a part of their band
She bowed her head said to our humble request
I cannot accept I must continue my quest
Her name was Hannah Forner and she then said
I will take my leave, for the beast is dead
And they knew they had been given their time to shine

Mc deep
Jc, Gee-raff, the Fedd
Completed their journey
To get the dragon's head

And so the four warriors emerged victorious. They had fulfilled their quest and they knew that in doing so they had formed an unbreakable bond between them. This bond would forever and always be known to all as deep swish
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Dragon Slayerz Lyrics

Deep Swish – Dragon Slayerz Lyrics

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