send* corrections to the typist [Dose

One] You

don't, know what happens when (I), close the door And

furniture comes warm out, to greet me look, Showing

with pride daze, dust, And

imaginary hug on non-conscious brush Things

are better now I

adore these walls, as they reveal supple, roots And

vibrant flooring he's, home Seems

to penetrate very fabric of the roof above me As

panels seal (ceiling) seal (ceiling) peels Back

the sky so beautiful with knife Famous

purple clouds and mid-light Ash

black sweeps the character away A

truly awesome sight, Outside

makes, room and weep for it The

amazing thing is with secrets unfolding Abound

on, ground I can only see the light And

thus the moon burns and it tolerates magicals got some inspring To

be or not join, the miraculous now transpiring That

is the who's, flame is it for me to not feed So

my relief becomes my gallion and my poon becomes my bloom This

place has always been an ocean always, been a song [Slug]


got a liter of Knob Creek & bottle; of Ether Got

the second Mobb Deep creeping out of the speakers Would

prefer to sit home and drink 'cause it's cheaper Why

you trying to hide the eggs girl you, think that it's Easter Got?

time to kill got, kills to time Prescription

filled I, got pills to climb Got

the firearm ready to rob convenience stores Got

charm baby gonna recruit a team of whores Got

hopes and dreams of no in betweens (Sole

chanting) I've

got hopes and dreams of no in betweens Good

swing keep losing the fall in the green Good

thing most my friends live inside my head 'Cause

now I'm never alone when, I lie in bed Got

truth can't recall where I put it Maybe

someone took it mistook, it for value and thought they wanted it Gone

with the wind and the rain all that remains is a subtle taste of sin laced

with grins and astonishment Don't

believe in monsters I...know 'em Because

they dwell in my heart and raise hell in my emotions If

there ever was a reason to live it'd be to die Now

hold still let me wipe the fear out of your eye [Alias]


envelopes me directly, after eclipse It

couldn't a mind know of, my lower instincts begin to kick At

nothing origin, represents under my sleeping quarters Not

a noise is being made but, yet I sense that there's no order Directly

beneath my being I'm seeing nothing, but I can squint But

there's commotion taking place I should check but, I don't give Worked

up the courage after, much debating I

proceeded to slowly creep in a reverse vertical Because

I felt I needed to, make the confirmation Pulled

out my coffin saw, a nation of creatures in

different forms I couldn't fight this sensation They

had their re-appearances in their own separate ways But

all had the same familiar faces I've been staring at for days [Sole]


goes the cause here to hear him scratching Calling

me names calling, me out my name Attractive

not wallpaper my, wallpaper is turned to a piss yellow tint The

post is a prank all, the faces are gone The

bodies are dancing taunting, me in spirit The

sounds are everything but, I can hear sarcasm in the lyrics All

the pics in my frames been replaced mirror glass, and slate Some

of 'em are see-through reflect on the ceiling but can't relate And

after all this time my, roses that I've stepped on My

chattered tores are now weapons of mass destruction Talked

and feel the oxygen of opposite in the combines of a quilt comforter It's

safe and pretty Thunder

cockroaches are jabbing me with toothpicks I

tried to scream but I'm left voiceless, and toothless Virtually

useless and it's messed with my head Thousand

chatter tensions bench around the singing fire for

the stupidest things I've ever said Gnawing

at my flesh collecting, underneath my bed Intercepting

to form a hawking mess A

mammoth in a sense jacking, like an attitude Weaving

me in a web leaving, me for dead Believe

in me could, bet the joy of life To

where I belong to, where I belong And

exist like this forever why, do they never turn the light on And?

why do they always leave the night on
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Where The Wild Things Are Lyrics

Deep Puddle Dynamics – Where The Wild Things Are Lyrics