[verse 1]
Hey darling i want you to know this,
To notice when I'm not around.
I find that your eyes see straight through me.
If i can speak to you through your heart.
My words would say...

I wanna hold you,
Create all the moments,that we haven't made before.
I want to show you,
Show you all the things that this,life has in stored for us.
Cause I'll always love you,
Just like a man should forever love his best friend.

[verse 2]
When i awoke up this morning,
I cried as i walked to my door.
I cried about how,long I'd be away from you.
I just hate to leave you all alone.
So tell me what's on your mind...
Cause I wanna know..

I wanna hold you,
I'll Protect you from all of the things this world throws our way.
And I want to show you,
Show you the beautiful world that I've created for us.
And I'll always love you,
More than a boyfriend should always love his girlfriend.

My sweet Lycelys...

[verse 3]
So i wanted to say this,yes it still hurts everyday.
I know i can't force all your pain away.
Forever our love will not fade.

For now i cannot hold you,
I can't protect you from all of the things that seems to wage from this world to you.
For now i can show you,
And I'll pull you in closer to me my dear.
Yes i'll always love you,
Just like a husband should forever love his wife.

My sweet Lycelys
My sweet Lycelys....
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Lycelys Lyrics

Deep In Virtual Earth – Lycelys Lyrics