I go go go thousand miles,
Because I want see your black eyes
I want to sleep in your arms
But please don't don't take fire in my heart

I have no eyes
I can not see
What's wrong wrong wrong with you and me.
You like play games in your car with me me me,
So why I scream now?


I love kiss kiss,
You like my lie,
But we don't have no no time.
It was so dark sweet, sweet taste.
No no lights and no live place.
You non stop stop,
I want more more.
Try again and drink my soul.
You always said I love love you,
But, baby, I have to you.


I waiting you
You waiting me
I missing you
You miss me

I pray for you
You heard me
I belong to you
You belong to me
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Double Bind Again Lyrics

Deem Vega & Gryte – Double Bind Again Lyrics

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