Pprprepare population for quick decent! With slugs of global
Proportions, it won't be our blood on Satan's claw. I stayed
In one place as long as I could... To hail the New Dawn and to
Be a Satanic human being.... And reverse the karma of a ******
I do declare... It's a fuckin' shame.
In charge of projects, moreover, meant to clean. Liberation
Here, will disappear. Bring them where they cannot flee...
Bestow their final agony!
Hang them on crosses... Divide them by s** and race.... Then lop
Off their hands in strict accordance with the Devil's demands.
Rocking back and forth... A dirty degenerate dynasty.
Satan!... We're desperately seeking Satan... We're desperately
Seeking Satan!
The candidate for international conspiracy.... Save the planet
From abduction and futility... Preside over supremacy!
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Desperately Seeking Satan Lyrics

December Wolves – Desperately Seeking Satan Lyrics