This is all a game to you
I know it is I've known
From the beginning now (beginning now, now)
This is all a game to you at first I missed
You but then I realized
That now you're foolish.

And sometimes I have to think
About what what we could be and
Here; here I'm stuck now waiting
For something to come to me
But now, we're done now you should
Know that we are done, we're done

Forever ever after, forever ever after
Forever ever after we're done. I tell myself
I love you so but I was a fool to think that.
Maybe I loved you, there was something there,
But now it's gooonnnnneeee!

Forever ever after! For-ever -ever after
Forever ever after it's done ohohohohohoh
We, we had something great in the beginning
And then you had to go off and ruin it
I was so disappointed then. But time goes
And you move on time passes so hold on!

Forever ever after
Forever ever after
Forever ever after
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Forever Ever After Lyrics

December Rivers – Forever Ever After Lyrics

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