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Dark Chilling Heartbeat Lyrics

Deceased – Dark Chilling Heartbeat Lyrics

My nerves are sharp with insanity as slowly I've gone
Why there's fear of the old man and his eye I'll never
Yes for some time I've had the urge to stop the evil
As if possessed I crave it's death I truly can't resist,

Inside my brain so many voices comfort me,
As murderous thoughts race through my mind to finally
Rid the eye,

I approach his room without a sound I'm death outside
The door,
The heartbeat guides me through the dark and to his
Resting site,
For in my hand I hold the knife the one that slits his
With a final shriek my torment ends the eye is no more,

And now I'm free for with his death the chains of fear
Are gone,
It's only me left all alone to live amongst the world,

In perfect manor I dissect the old man and bury him
Under the floor,
All the while thinking back to the deed I must laugh to
I reassure myself that I'm free and secure the open
Wood to the ground,
And when I'm done I try to sleep but nightmares twist
My dreams,

That dark chilling heartbeat will it come for me?
Will it haunt my world for evermore and steal sanity?

But before my eyes can witness sleep there's a knock
Upon my door,
Without a pause I answer calm my discipline assured,

Behind the door I find police investigating screams,
I politely beg them "Come inside, put your mind at

With innocence I lead them down to the room he's buried
I place my chair right above the man's poor and
Worthless grave,
As we sit and talk I'm becoming pale and sickly so on
I beg for them to "Please be gone, and let me find my

But horror's just begun for the heartbeat does return,
I reminds my mind of the hideous eye, that gleaming
Putrid eye!

Sweat now drips from my brow I plead and scream aloud,
"I did the deed tear up the floor the corpse is in the

But horror's just begun for no one can hear my pleas,
For in my mind there lives the eye forever
Haunting... me!

That heart it beats, it lives in me,
Inside my mind lives the eye...
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