Destined to rot
In the trenches you will die
Born to suffer
Laying waste to the ground

Cities burning
Fire rains near
It is over
Devastation is here

Artillery fire
Breaching the lines
New found order
Soon to be set based on greed

Society crumbles
Crime rates soar
Words of wisdom
Matter no more

The victor is marching
Setting up new rules
Following the guidelines
Made for fools

(Made for fools
Following the guidelines)

Patrolling the streets
Guarding the order
Dissadisfaction toward power
A need to raise a resistance to fight

Ride the fire
Fight the false occupation
Raise a standard
Of will and bravery

Banish the intruders
Who scorch the land
Make a statement
Reinforce your stand

This war will be delt with
Casualties remain unknown

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New Order Lyrics

Decaying – New Order Lyrics