Here I find peace and happiness
Amidst the things I love.
A home alive with memories adds
To blessings from above.
Here I begin each dawning day
With new hope in my heart.
I listen to the songs birds sing
And watch the swallows dart.

Sometimes I wander down the path
That leads through meadows green.
The ever babbling, winding brook
Completes the peaceful scene.

A grassy knoll, a weathered bench
Beneath the willow tree,
Inviting me to rest a while
And let my thoughts roam free.
Here cautiously deer venture by
When evening shadows fall,
And in the stillness of the night
A thousand crickets call.

My little corner of the world,
A bit of paradise.
Here I live, and laugh, and weep,
And thank my God, all wise.
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My Little Corner Of The World Lyrics

Debbie Sims – My Little Corner Of The World Lyrics