What good is being without someone else'
Have you ever felt the need of a friend in whom you could confide'
With no peace of mind,
Have you felt the pain of loneliness bottled up inside'
Did you know that there is someone who will listen when you talk
And lend a sympathetic ear and lead you where you walk'
Behold, if He doth knock on your hearts door, let Him come in.
He is here to sup with us and to take away all our sin.

Tell me, is the door closed to your heart,
That He cannot enter therein'
It's only when we open our hearts to Him,
That He can come within,
'Cause if you open the door to your heart,
You won't be locked up in discouragement and despair,
So remember, if you're lonely, Jesus will be there,
If you open the door to your heart by whispering a prayer,
And you can see the members of your family who care.

He will take your hand in His and lead you on the way,
He will never fail you! He is with you every day.
Your hearts door stands there. Open it, as our Savior doth knock.
He opens a door to His heart. He is our eternal rock.
He stands at the door and knocks, waiting for us to open our heart
That He may sup with us and us with Him, and He will never part.
He will love us forever. He took a stand long ago, upon a hill.
To give His sweet life for our salvation, He knocks still.
He doesn't force His love. Such a gentleman our Lord can be.
He will never push. But, He'd be so happy to open your heart, that you may see.

Repeat Chorus

Do not be blinded by the world.
Many go there, only to deceive.
But, Jesus comes in all His glory, knocking;
Hoping, we will on Him believe.

He is my Savior. I opened my heart to sup with Him, long ago.
It left, within my own heart, a warm and loving sensational glow.
He took His love unto the Cross and way beyond into Hades.
He conquered all when, from old Satan, Jesus took away the keys;
Left Satan trembling, because he, too, believes upon Christ's name.
So, when He knocks upon your heart's door, just love Him back the same.

Repeat Chorus and fade
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If You Open The Door To Your Heart Lyrics

Debbie Sims – If You Open The Door To Your Heart Lyrics