Sometimes I am in the wrong
I go where I do not belong
Believe me I know my faults
I force my will
I walk on coals
I prey on unsuspecting souls
We all do somersaults

Then we land on solid ground
And turn it all around
The first chance we get to make a brand new start
But everything I do
I do with all my heart.

Sometimes I will not look down
I trip and fall and scrape the ground
Cause I thought I knew all
But every twist and every turn
And every time I live and learn
It comes down to that fall.
Cause the pain was mine all mine
And nothing human or divine
Could make me put that horse before that cart
Backwards upside down,
But with all my heart.

There is one you
There is one me
One go round
One short life
Use it wisely
Sink or fly but fall grasping for stars
Cause the thing about our hearts
They're uniquely ours.

Once upon a time
When I could stop the world
Right on a dime
I never analyzed
I fell straight into passions crows
I struggled heaven only knows
But opened weren't my eyes
To all I could not see
I believed it all could be
So I went there not picking it apart
I saw it whole and with my soul
And yes with all my heart.

Somethings in life won't matter
Like if you climb the ladder or not
But sit back relax
If you've tried with all your heart.
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With All My Heart Lyrics

Debbie Gibson – With All My Heart Lyrics