They thought he was the anti-christ,
For it was the time of his coming.
Evil was inside the boy,
You could see the devil in his eyes.
They would drive devil out,
They would follow the
Teachings of the lord.
They would deliver his soul from hell.
Withhold not correction from the child.
For if thou beatest him with
A rod he shall not die.
We shall deliver his soul from hell.

They took him to a darkened room,
To beat the devil out of him,
This violence was the only way, they said,
To make him well again.
But the boy could take no more,
The spasms racked his body,
And he did lay in death so still.
They said it was a demonic attack.

And so they laid him on the bed,
Left the room and locked the door.
They thought that life would soon return,
The good lord would not let him die.
Time passed and the flesh did rot.
One by one they were led away,
But still inside their twisted minds,
They could not accept the truth.
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Demonic Attack Lyrics

Deathwish – Demonic Attack Lyrics