All my life is dedicated to the master of evil
For him I shall send to Hell the bastard human race
Since the day I was spawned on these lands,
I keep on bringing pain and death everywhere

I'm at war while my enemies live for peace
My kind destroys all the weak earthly creations
Intense blasphemies, total impure sins, sick atrocities,
Satan's the cause for which I live

Few are the strong ones that follow the dark path
Mature as a whole shall be exterminated
I'll never sleep even when the horned king call me back,
Every day and every night I strike like a disease

All my way of slaying give me pleasure
I rape, I cut, I make them all burn
With an insane perversion chaos I spread

The satanic legions come from beyond death,
The world from the outside must perish in flames
And the souls we take shall feed our supreme wrath

You can hear me tolling the knell of your fate,
But the last sound you'll hear is your final breath
I'll reduce your body and soul to ashes
It will take some time but victory is
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Follow The Dark Path Lyrics

Deathspell – Follow The Dark Path Lyrics