Life is fading, bodies are collapsing,
Places and times turning black.
This slow suffering born
Dimmed by the ineluctable lack.
Fear - hear the feebles' cries.
Tears - this is the end, all dies.

Acts of torture, acts of War,
Like a poison, a rabid vision,
In multiple distress roars,
This hideous sensation...

Witness of the forthcoming cessation,
See the souls dwelling in Darkness.
There lies hate, despair and fear,
Human sensations passed away upon this altar.
This is the Death of all pleasures,
Savouring the final agony.

Fanatic acts of submission,
In His name, lead them to the final end,
Darkness, fatal immersion,
A million of lives cursed again...

As the masses gathered here,
You wondered how true was this life
As the Master's coming here.
You did see your death in His eyes
When the door was closed,
You understood the reality of this room.
When the poison seeped through your nose
Fell the doom and gloom,
The truth revealed itself in the end.
Absence of pain but still dying,
This is...
The monotonous ecstasy of Death.

As the eyes became blind, body's paralysed,
Consciousness was what remained
When the fear was at it's high.
Heart, keeper of life, beat in vain,
This is the raping, the bestial painless killing,
No innocence, no guilt, only a sadistic illness,
For human beings are condemned to nothing but Death,
Humanity's excrements, bastards of god's race,
As love and pity they are waste.
They have all lived the lies
But now, in monotonous ecstasy...
All dies.
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Monotonous Ecstasy Of Death Lyrics

Deathspell Omega – Monotonous Ecstasy Of Death Lyrics