Two hundred years of madness.
Thousands of God's warriors.
Listen to their cries, God want it.

They rode to the Holy War,
And it was the beginning of...
A human butchery.

Without scruples, with no mercy,
In a bloody massacre, to protect your God...

God, God, God...

No, too many deaths,
For, a piece of land.

Obsessed, by possession of Christ's grave,
But don't care the price,
Ways, deaths to get it.
The price to get it.

They left the land, and only stay the death,
It's the same, God has it... Has it.

A lot of times I ask,
Why all of those men died?,
And the answers don't tell me,
Anything that convince me.
Clergy say to kill is just a sin,
Why the Holy Church ordered to kill?,
Hypocrite that never practised what they preach!
If you say to kill is just a sin...
What is to kill in the name of God?
What is to kill in the name of God?


Holy Sepulchre,
Holy Sepulchre,
Holy Sepulchre,
Holy... War
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Holy Sepulchre Lyrics

Deathless – Holy Sepulchre Lyrics