I'm looking out for victims
To hunt down
And slash and lacerate
I got this cutting edge dictum
Split before it's too late

I'll use a butcher knife
A hatchet, machete or a kris

I'm on a chopping spree

Your body's to be severed
For your members
I'll go out on a limb
I got this chopping endeavor
Your chances to make it
In one piece are slim

A battle axe
A cleaver or whatever I need

I'm on a chopping spree

Now you're a plea talking torso
Stick your neck out
And there goes your head
I like you even more so
You don't scream too
Much now that you're dead

I'll pack you up
In segments
And chunks of red meat

I'm on a chopping spree
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Chopping Spree Lyrics

Death Breath – Chopping Spree Lyrics