I want to bury your face
In the midwestern dirt to dull the shape
And cut that hand that changed my name

My next words could be my last,
My clumsy mouth, and the egg shells cracked
And oh no oh no oh no no oh no oh no no

I'm sinking in deeper, midwestern dirt
Sinking in deeper, midwestern dirt

Did you ever want to start?
Or just watch my love
I'm just some impulse, buy you
Couldn't take your eyes off of
Just some clean white slate
For you to fill in the blanks
Then show me off, you show me off

And my next words could be my last
My clumsy mouth and the egg shells crack
And on no oh no oh no no oh no oh no no

And you'll stay above me forever
Like you stay above me now
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Midwestern Dirt Lyrics

Dear And The Headlights – Midwestern Dirt Lyrics