Your hands don't move nearly as fast as your lips do / Promises like empty needles / Set to draw more blood from my heart / Cut off at the wrists / You are not feeling anymore / My Closing Arguments, my last words / This is not the end / Knife in hand, this could solve everything / Cold steel reflecting your pretty face / Prettier as a stab wound / This is almost better than kissing you / Kill all ambition / Sprawled across the floor / Soaked / Soaked in this stolen beauty / It's nice to see you bleeding / It's just not enough to cut you in my dreams / But whose to say I won't think twice before carving out your heart / I can still see your eyes / How beautiful they are / Severed from your skull / Start the fire and burn like a pig / Score one more for team "you're fucked" / When the flames subside I will piss on the ashes / You will see / Underneath these blankets murderous intentions are weak hands / That only wish to feel again / As the screams go unheard / Throw it all away / Your time has come / In the blink of an eye I saw it unfold / In the blink of an eye we all grow old
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Sleepwalking With A Knife Lyrics

Deadwater Drowning – Sleepwalking With A Knife Lyrics

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