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The Pale Rider Lyrics

Deadman – The Pale Rider Lyrics

William was a gun-fighter he was looking for his chance
Waiting for his time to come when he could make his name
Riding into town with a look upon his brow like he's gonna take from you
Or gonna take you out.

Phoenix was an Indian who had a knack for robbing banks
In the mesas of New Mexico is where they made their plans
To rob the Denver bank and to leave no one alive
And with their plans they rode northeast, their fingers on their guns
Looking for an angel or the pale rider to come
Looking for an angel or the pale rider to come

There back in Santa Fe, where you will find my love
A Spanish maid named Isabelle, with skin like holy dove
And if this plan goes bad, and I should meet my end
You send her Texas and make sure to treat her well

Connor was a law man - he protected the Denver Bank
He vowed to catch the riders, he vowed to see them hanged.
He told his men "Be ready and when you see the rider's come,
Put a bullet between their eyes" and the pale rider he comes
A bullet between the eyes and the pale rider he comes.

On the Denver horizon, that's where it all went down
Getting into to focus as the riders dust settled down
Connor had the street staked out and ready for the draw
And the tension mounted in the heat of it all
Connor said "Don't worry, I'm scared to death myself
When I look into his eyes I see a demon straight from hell!
Coming straight for me - coming for the kill"
That's when the shots were fired
And it was done

All were looking for an angel when the pale rider, he comes
Looking for an angel an the pale rider he comes . . .
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