I'll crunch Your Ballsac, Whip it into A Mulch
Genital Juices gurgle And Squelch
Squeeze Your Testicals, Put them in A Vice
Butcher Knives And Razor Stab, Poke And Slice...

I open up Your Scrotum And fiddle with Your Nuts
If I get to Hungry I'll Bite into Your Butt
Spaghetti - like Urethra Dripping Urinal Gore
I fist the gaping orifice, I'm Such A Fucking Whore...

Saving the Human Race from over Population
Destroy Your Manhood With A Castration
Dissecting Your Penis and Balls
I Start to fucking laugh!
Your future generations Are thrown into a trash

You Scream like a Woman, Your Voice is Now Higher
- My cauterizing implements Are Heating in the fire - creating A New
Species of imbiguites
I'm Your God And Savior.
I'm Vascectomite...
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Castration Lyrics

Dead Youth – Castration Lyrics