What good is a voice if you can't speak for yourself.
Swallow your tongue and choke on the words you once said.
This is a start to a dying, deaf anthem.
Let the stain of minds tear apart your heart and if I said farewell, I'd sink this ship.
By gallows we'll be hung, let's shun this rope, red dress, black heels, a warm gun.
So sick she came choking on the sound of your laugh it nearly killed her but it did take her mind.
A flag was burned, black, white, and ash, the colors of my grievance, my empty lungs.
And then the rain came and then it came.
A figure in the rain spoke of a song, speaking an unknown tongue, but I could hear a beating heart and open mind to take them away.
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From Here I Can See The Shore Lyrics

Dead Man In Reno – From Here I Can See The Shore Lyrics