You were always quick to blame
Though you made the same mistakes
It was easier for you to be hurt
Than to face what came your way
And every time I let you down
I was haunted by the sound
Of your exaggerated tears
No, I'll never live you down

So I exhale
I don't want to live this way
I'm breathing you out
On this cold and lonely day

So many times I tried to baid
I tried to let you go
I cursed the ground you walked upon
Just thought I'd let you know
That every time you let me down
I forgave and forgot
But now this pain I will not feel
You'll never break me down

You'll never break me now
Will I ever live you down?

Now that I've erased you
I don't ever want to face you
I just want you to go
I'm hoping you'll fade away

On this cold and lonely day
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Exhale Lyrics

Dead Legend – Exhale Lyrics