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Thotiana Remix Lyrics

DDG – Thotiana Remix Lyrics

Shoutout Blueface, man
Bust down, Thotiana

[Verse 1]
If I put it in her then she cumming twice
Pussy water damaged, had to dip in rice
You want the rollie or the puppy?
Baby, name the price
Fuck that shy shit
When we fuck I don’t cut the lights
I wanna see that face
I wanna hear them moans
Get as loud as you want cause we home alone
Room smell like sex, perfume, and cologne
I tried to hide you from my fans but our cover blown
Fuck it, I ain’t trippin', you a bad bitch
And when we be together we look mad rich
Plus you look a lot better than my last bitch
But I know you wouldn’t fuck with me if i ain’t had shit
Fuck it though, I’ma love you for the nightiana
Last chance, in the morning got a flightiana
Mixed drinks, got Ciroc with the Spriteiana
Am I too big, or is that pussy just too tightiana?

[Verse 2]
Playin' with the kitty with my left hand
I got a Richard Millie on my left hand
That's a hundred fifty on my left hand
This expensive sex, you couldn't do this with your ex man
First night shit, it ain't wrong, if it's feelin' right
How words make that ass move to d-wight?
Ha, expensive dick, this not any type
Show a nigga why I should let you stay the night
Bust down, Thotiana, you gon' work for this comma
Had to leave my old bitch, she was way too much drama
Bender over, Futurama
You can not meet my mama
You can not get my number
I'ma text off Obama
I don't play with these hoes
We fucking or what?
I don't got time, I'm too old
Tour after tour, bitch, I stay on the road
Niggas hatin' on me, had to go cop a pole
Bitch, I'm a rapper rapper
Pull up with your friend, I'ma fuck with who badder
These broke niggas pissed, you should check on your bladder
She said she got a man, like that shit really matter (heh)

[Verse 3]
That YouTube shit for the kids
When that camera cut off, bitch you know what it is
Bitch, you know how I get and this drink got me lit
If your bitch in my vlogs, then you know I done hit, nigga

Yeah, ay, ay, yeah
Bust down, Thotiana
Bust down, Thotiana
I wanna see you bust down

Ay, I'm going on tour man
Make sure you scroll down and get your motherfucking tickets, nigga
We lit
Let's get it
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