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Take Me Serious Lyrics

DDG – Take Me Serious Lyrics


[Verse 1]
Went to Texas for a few days
Wanted to scout out the properties
Lookin' like I won a lottery
None of the hate really bother me
YouTube three years, they don't wanna see me blow
They don't wanna hear the flow
But this usually how it go
Bankroll, bankroll
The bank tellers know my name
My life now not the same
I got money with the fame
PayPal with the transfer, brought my momma straight to tears
Get her a 'Rari to steer, she ain't pay rent in years
Couldn't park at the store, I got butterfly doors
One space, need more
Somebody rally the score
My music is hot, bitch nigga give me my credit
Sending shots without a medic
Four bands from my edits
My exes, "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha" they regret it, heh
Yeah nigga, I said it, mm
Two hunnid bands on my debit, mm
Got enough education, I'm a college dropout, heh
Same nigga that'll doubt be the main one beggin' for my clout

[Interlude 1]
I mean these niggas just, you know, they don't understand what I been through man, and, you know?
I do all this shit on my own, my nigga, you know what I'm sayin'?And I'm just out here tryin' to get respect, but at the same time it's like, "Fuck you," you know what I'm sayin'? But, I guess its just me, ventin' right now
It's whatever though

[Verse 2]
Why you rap about the money? I ain't never had shit
Told myself, "Don't quit, watch how you get rich"
Niggas see me in Pontiac they 'on't never ever wanna speak
Sent a text, "Let's meet," nigga, I been for weeks
I'on't usually like, go home 'cause I know niggas hate a lot
I'd probably get shot, and we don't even got cops
Cold case on my big bro, but we all know who did it
10K we'll split it, guarantee they won't miss it
Niggas really use to struggle, mama really had to hustle
Two jobs had to juggle, we'll be good, now I'm humble
Private client at the chase, I got a personal banker
Ksubi jeans on my ass, used to be at Walmart buying Wrangler
Gas station 2am, bought some Hershey's out the wrapper
Don't compare me to a rapper, I make more than a rapper
Go to school for 4 years, 50K be a salary
I just made 50K in a week, take a pic for my gallery

[Interlude 2]
I don't really be tryna stunt on anybody but its just like, you gotta understand when you come from nothin' you know, you gotta have something to show for it, man, you know what I'm sayin'? Where I come from, niggas ain't too successful, you know?
So, I like to show what I got
50K in a week, nigga, no bullsh', just sayin'

[Verse 3]
Check neck, check wrist
Date just with the Cubans
100K on the ice, So I'm cautious when I'm movin'
I don't go to the club, pussy is not that important
Threw my contact sortin', I got hoes out in Portland
I notice, we don't talk too often
You gon' claim we was best friends when I'm dead and gone in my coffin
I don't hang around you niggas, now you probably know the reasons
I be chillin' by myself out the way tryna get through the seasons
Niggas think I'm a goofy, let me make a little statement
Don't come at me reckless, them videos for entertainment
I did the shit on my own, I got the check on my own
Bitch, I'm flyer than a drone, so you better watch your tone
10K for a feature, I had to get off the bleachers
Why the fuck would you stay in school when you makin' more than a teacher?
Nigga I did it, I did it, I owe God all the glory
Could've been dead and broke but you know they don't wanna hear my story

Man, I just wanna say, you know, I'ma continue to do what I do, man
You know what I'm sayin', I'm not gon' let these...these no good ass niggas, you know what I'm sayin', try and break me down and, you know what I'm sayin', tell me I'm not good enough, you know what I'm sayin', but, I'ma just let this music take off and let it speak for itself, you know?
Be a real dog
Let's get it, ayy
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