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RiceGum Ghostwriter Diss Track (Jake Paul Team 10 Response) Lyrics

DDG – RiceGum Ghostwriter Diss Track (Jake Paul Team 10 Response) Lyrics

These niggas hatin' on my grind, dawg
These niggas hatin' on my grind, dawg
For three years, bitch, I did vlogs
To show these broke niggas how to ball
Go and cop the Rollie that's full of ice, they say my wrist too bright
Wrist froze, temperature: 0 Fahrenheit
You didn't make it on yo own and that's facts, right?
Bitch, you know you wouldn't be shit if it wasn't for Rice?
Y'all in my comments hatin', nigga, I don't hear it
I average 30 million views, I don't think that nigga near it
Look at me now, drivin' hybrid engineering
Tellin' me he makin' diss tracks like I'm finna fear it
I don't know why this nigga still on my dick
Stupid nigga think he finna get rich off Twitch
Penthouse, i8, bitch, I bought that shit
Don't ever do another video with them beat ass kicks
Copped the Bimmer off the lot, where the gray one?
In yo video, you ain't have no Bred 1's
No ones, all hunnids like I'm B. Lou
First diss was light so I had to do a redo
You ain't even got no hoes, you ain't even got no bitches
You ain't even got a car, you be walkin', you ain't whippin
You are not black, you are white, stop saying "nigga"
You are not poppin', all your views came from Rich Chigga
Dissin' Team 10, yeah, that be hittin' millions
If I did the same shit, one week, twenty million
I'm Mayweather, you a McGregor ass nigga
"Rice, can I sleep over?" ole faggot ass nigga
DDG Squad, ain't it a blessin'?
We made it to one mil' after all that happened
After the college life, after the Essence
After missing them vlogs 'cause I was stressin'
It's DDG, bitch, I'm the greatest at this rap shit
Fuck Diss, you a dumb bitch
I was broke, now I'm dumb rich, you a bum bitch
Yeah, my hair nappy, you said that already and that shit lame
You broke, you cannot afford to be in Clout Gang
Hunnids on me, stack 'em up, big bank, bills blue
Left yo girl wet overnight like she mildew
Pontiac, Michigan, my mothafuckin' origin
We got shooters, you a bitch, you from Oregon
Who said I can't diss? You just heard a lie from them
Better check them old videos, it's a lot of them
You diss Team 10 'cause you see the clout in them
You are clout chasin', I can see the old Rice in him
Why you reachin'? Leave them white boys alone
You are not in the Hills, take yo stupid ass home
DDG Squad, reassemble, then we go attack
Yo auntie said my tongue game strong like I'm FlightReacts
You are not black if you never get ashy
Asked yo bitch if she want the dick, (Yeeh...) Cash Nasty!
Iced out Cuban on my neck, I'm flashy
I'd fuck yo bitch and have her screamin' like Dashie
It's DDG, I'm the greatest at this shit
Niggas shoot where I'm from, I ain't talkin' 'bout no skits
Was gon' leave yo ass alone, but yo fans made me pissed
With yo bitch and my lips ain't the only thing she kissed
Come out the closet, Diss God, I know you fuckin' gay
And I know damn well Rice ain't hittin' Sommer Ray
How many diss tracks you write just for Rice today?
Ain't get a dime from them shits, yeah, that's underpay
That's underpay

Yeah, that's underpay
Yeah, nigga, I'm the real diss god, bitch, let's get it!
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