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Truth - Intro Lyrics

D_cider – Truth - Intro Lyrics

[Verse1: D_cider]
Seems like I've got it wrong again... 'Cause your heart wasn't in for it from the beginning
You competing
I'm complementing
Why you always complaining continuously
Baby look!
If you love me, you never compare me What are the things you expect of me
That little call in the middle of the night when you feel less loved more-lessly
I chose you solely!
Doesn't that suppose to mean anything?
Remember the day we was to talking about soul mates?
If this is the heartbreak, sow what you reap, death will you soil me
Do you say it for the sake of saying, or do you mean it when you say you sorry
Did I tell you tonight that your eyes compliment the stars
If I'm doing time I'm proud to be the rapper behind these bars
Sometimes I wonder if we'll ever heal, I mean, we got so many scars
Now we uneasy when we hear the rumors
We never honest to each other more like to ourselves, I'm trying to figure out that goes
So to ever move I does
Your friends seem like hidden cameras Now what's love without devotion
Trust lost will never be regained like I dropped a coin in the middle of the ocean
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