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Let Me Know Feat. Ne-Yo Lyrics

DC Yeager – Let Me Know Feat. Ne-Yo Lyrics


If I touched you right there, right there
Would it make you lose your mind,
Would it make you dream of how you'll scream
When I make love to you.

Would it amaze you if I found that spot
That no one else could find?
Girl if your ready tell me what you wanna do
Cause I'm not tryin' to pressure you.


Not tryin' to pressure you,
But I gotta know
Girl if I put you in the mood please tell me so.
Seems like your ready girl, but I'm not sure
And I can't read your mind.
Let me know
I wanna satisfy,
In any way I can
Tell me how far I can go
Baby you've got to let me know.


Baby don't be scared
I'm tryin' to give you what you want and none of what you don't
So baby just relax your mind
Tell me how it feels to you
(please don't stop)
And if I disappear up under the sheets
You start to feel tingly
(don't worry baby it's just me)
Girl satisfaction is guaranteed
But you gotta tell me


(Tell me if the time is right)
If you feel we've waited long enough
(Can we set it off tonight)
Tell me can we make love
Cause I've been waiting for this, for so long
Girl tell me if the feeling that you feel
Is just as strong
Can we get it on?

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