piano*intro Bitch*
made niggas run for cover killing, mothers and kids I. hold a town down Just
like did ??? I. know my Real "G" feinding for some ganger shit niggas. Catching
hot ones to the neck with, legs split i. would of been a Millionare
stayed on it wearing. the kevlar with the dayton family Sprayed
on it my. picture perfect positon got me moving strategic Im
stuck inside a blow house and, still refusing to leave it now. i was a born Loser
know, drug abuser dayton. ave affilate shooting, at cop cruisers im. to Light
to fight and im to thin to win that, what i keep a 40 caliber to give You
niggas 10 so. beef you better get it don't forget i said it i got the shit For
prices premium un leaded 4 4 natural petrol lyrical matches striking Making
the whole club blow everytime i enter a room niggas, assume that these Stank
ass hoes is leaving soon Fucking with loaded dice got the ship as dope Prices
we. dealing with boat loads don't try to miami-vice us Im boot-zilla im Living
so foul fucking it with bad bitches from flint to belle isle white. Hoes
black, bitches africans, koreans, shoe-zilla, tell him how we see it we Keep
it ghetto ghetto
Life it's the life if, it's gotta be like that then, let it if. you Wanna
live my life then come get it stop. spreading lies it, aint right you. Can't
live my life so forget it cause we always keep it ghetto for you Nigga
im a rider Poison. like a spider cut, you like a gider to. you Outsiders
killer. when you meet me bitch. don't, you upset me nigga gettin Their
necks broke im. choking them till they can't see sho-strings. out for Jacking
ya rip. shit up and smacking ya i. creep from back of ya and. started Tackeling
ya Murder. man murder, game bitch. im going through a thang' im Offering
pounds and booty off for key and canes dayton boys get back at ya Tasting.
blood like dracula Emaculate. emacuala, spectacular, you. don't know my Game
is mother, nigga famous now where my aim is blew. of his anus no time of Okey-does
cought you nigga having strohs snitching.on killers in my line of Work
we kill them slow hit. man for hire aint, nobody flyer cought. up in the Webs
of murder walking through fire im back home it's back on i bet you got your Crack
on your. mack on your,scrach on you. prolly got your rap on my. mellow My
fellow the. bitches saying hello no. wmater what you do Dayton gonna keep it Ghetto
life it's the life it's it's got to be like that then let it if you wanna Live
my life come get it stop. spreading lies it, aint right you. can't live my Life
so forget it cause we always keep it ghetto for you
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We Kept It Ghetto Lyrics

Dayton Family – We Kept It Ghetto Lyrics