When I look at you How could you look at me? I'm thinking now all that you
Are Is much more than I'll ever be. It seems today, I'll never catch a
Break. I'm feeling like all that I am Is all the mistakes that I've made.

You're you far away Inside of memories, but when I listen you say...

What do you have to fear when you're left all alone? In the darkest of
Days, when the night's growing cold, you're safe in the arms of a love all
Your own. In the darkest of your days, there's a love that you should know.

I remember when We were innocent, now they're telling us All that we are Is
All of the places we've been. When the seconds slow And you're standing on
Your own, you'll start coming back Into the arms of love that you should've

When you're feeling lost and your hope is gone, your scars never seem to
Fade. But there is more to you - there is more to me.

The past doesn't change a thing.
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You Should Know Lyrics

Days Divide – You Should Know Lyrics