Hello, it's been a long time since I have seen you here. With the look
That's in your eyes, you've left behind your fear to step out on your own.
Now the world will know who you were meant to be.

Come on and burn your bridges away, 'cause you know that we're not going
Back to where we have been. This road will show us there's a place where
You and me can begin to say the things that we've been meaning to say. Now
It's time to burn your bridges away.

Fading out with the daylight, the worry on your mind. Now the fight has
Turned to flight, but we'll make it out alive. So leave it all, let's go.
'Cause we'll risk everything we know to reach the other side.

We have just the lives we lead to show this world what we believe - find
Out now who you will be.
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Burn Your Bridges Lyrics

Days Divide – Burn Your Bridges Lyrics