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Stand Up Lyrics

Daylight – Stand Up Lyrics

20 years are done, Grew so fast and didn't know
Arbitrary fate again, a year lost, but will be more.
It's easy to complain and roar coz your tears are on the floor
You're fragile so vulnerable, But you're stronger than before

Stand up, face all your fears
We'll stay together through the years
That's a reason to go on
You've gotta, stand up, you're not alone
Fight untill all hopes are gone.
We're together, carry on

True friends are not gone, but all strangers have forgot
Your existence, name and face, we're not starting any war
You witness all this evidence and you're closed behind a door
It's useless to complain and roar, when you can only stare at the ceiling

Endure my friend, it's almost over
The worst is past; your weakness is something won't last
When you'll be ok, we'll go on holiday!

Our love is something true
Your bro's are here with you
There's no reason to give up he fight
We'll make it together
There's no more bad weather
Now we're standing here at your side
So stand up... !
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