Blinding, deafening, silence
Surrounding all there is
Throat choking memories
Impossible to breathe in
Life fades in solid eyes
That can no longer cry
Hands reach out in darkness
An attempt to grasp in vain
The more I try to hold on to it
The more it goes away

See your face through this darkened shroud of your own
See the blood staining every road that we walk on
All that we have gained doesn’t matter anymore
In this fading time of silent cries I can realize
Though we’ve got so far holding on to what we are
In the end I’m just...alone
Dark replaces time
In a quiet spinning flight
In a rush of clarity
An alluring path of light
All seem to crumble down
Consciousness going round and round

The masquerade you’ve always worn
Is cracked and filled with pain
I’m sorry for the times I’ve been
Much less than you could gain
I’m just alone
I die alone
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Alone Lyrics

Daydream XI – Alone Lyrics