Wheres my halo game at Dork haha
Daybzo Tumey Dork Say this a shout out to every body in wylie
Tumey polo kody ha-ha I'm so dorky you a dork wheres my mario
Nintendo 64 baby give me my superman costume

Your a Dork dork x16


Got my pants pulled high and my shirt tucked in
And I aint ever gave a fuck cause I'm in it to win
Yeah I'm up in algebra studying with friends
Got a bad yella bone bet she going in ha
Talking bout studying in the math club
And we straight playing chess
Cause we aint ever give a fuck
Yeah we some straight dorks
But you know we gettin love
And at the end of the show
We gone pork them gurls
Pork them girls yeah we aint give a fuck
Cause you know that we dorks and we always geeked up
Talking bout throwed boy I'm talking bout gold
I aint ever gave a damn supercalafistic flow
Boy I'm bout to really go yeah I'm gettin on the mic
She say I'm a dork but she know that I'm hella tight
Got my pants up right yeah you know I look tight
And I got the glasses super fly and the hook nice

Your a Dork dork x16


Goin hella dumb actin dorky in this bitch
Yes I'm a nerd and have a fly ass chick
You tryin really hard and I know that you wish
That my girl is the one you could be with
Walk in the club with my tube socks on
Pants high up with the duck shoes on
I aint ever give a fuck cause I'm bout to get the club
Tell the bitchs what's up just wanna dome me up
All these niggas pissed calling me names
I get all my moves from my tekken game
Geewilagers guys why yall being so mean
Fuck that shit I'm a fight and take the green
And I'm a white nerdy guy an I still ride gangsta
I'm a bad dude when I have a four banger
I study real hard and I get good grades
And I still get pussy on a daily base

Your a Dork dork x16

Adventure man yeah I'm looking real cool
You should call me wolverine cause my rips be cool
Man I'm like iron man chest built of steel
And when I go to clubs dog I keep it on the reel
Staying chill sippin on a ice tea cup
Cause I don't drink liquor cause I don't get bucks
No I don't give a fuck boy I'm so live
I represent the geek geek geek dork side
Boy I'm bout to go say I'm smoking on dro
I aint ever gave fuck dorks in your hoe
Haha damn said dork in the door
When I hit the club yeah I'm geeked to the floor
Geek geek geek geek geek and we dorkin
And I aint ever gave fuck cause I'm on the potion
I'm talkin bout the geek stuff rollin up the geeks dubs
Aye ha geekin on the dork stuff

Your a Dork dork x16
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Your A Dork Lyrics

Daybzo – Your A Dork Lyrics

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