Feat. Lil Won

Stacking up our bread
Yea we chasing after cnotes
If talking bout sum paper
You speaking our lingo
Keep it 100 we don't do no fronting
If you chasing after sumthin
That sumthin better b money

Verse 1:
Understand I'm all about my bankroll
If it aint about money then I can't go
Yeah I'm all about my cheese no Queso
And I stay on the block, no lego
If you aint gettin money you's ah lame'o
Ima thug in this game, no saints row
We 1, 2 step hoes, tango
We the B. B click nigga bang bro's
I gotta big budget bitch cuz I'm always on my bread hoe
Gettin rich
Grind all day that's how I play it tho
Shit running after cash Til I break my legs bro
If I cheat my way to da paper no Joey gretco gretco gretco
Yea I'm won Hunnit
I ain't never ask fa shit and I ain't never been fronted
Back then they didn't want me now these hoes won't stop cumin
Know something if it's money I got it I'm kuffin trust me


Verse 2:
Big bread loaf shit
Say it wit yo chest no tits
Kickd it wit yo bitch and I skored and you tried to block no goalie
Dollar signs dollar signs
If I don't grind I won't shine pshh outtaline
I do this fa my family and I put that on the bible
Make paper and smoke trees that's how I recycle
Aye this song about money so I'm stackin it,
Asshole I'm actin, pussy yea I'm smashin it
Ask ya main bitch and she'll tell ya immaculate
Ima real nigga yall broke niggas mannequins
Steady stackin cash cause I'm passionate
Bein broke and die tryin not havin it
I'm ballin on these niggas check my average
I'm all about my green likka celtic Pete Maverick

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Money Song Lyrics

D.A.Y. – Money Song Lyrics

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