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A Million Miles Lyrics

Day Of Contempt – A Million Miles Lyrics

I won't hold..hold my breath in hope for silhouettes..
I still do..
I don't know you.
You waste your life on worthless games.
I owe you nothing if only it were true..
I don't know you.
Keep thinking the madness will undo.
The reason for being.
I know the choice is up to you.
..a million miles away.
Still fighting memories, the war inside my head.
A million miles can't be explained.
It's not up to me to make this end.
I won't hold my breath again.
I'm lost for words that can't be won.
Look at what you've done.
..and still do.
I don't know you.
You're so fake, just make this end because I can't understand a single thing.
Make this end.
A million miles can't be explained because we'll never be the same.
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Songwriters: P. SMITH
A Million Miles lyrics © CONEXION MEDIA GROUP, INC.

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