Verse 1
You tell me that you know what's right
But I can't take this any longer, you can't look me in the eye
If you could only see the end
Because you think you know everything, but do you think we'll never die?

Where have you been?
Where are you now?

If you could run away, you'd see the chains that held you down
And I would shout louder, but you'd never hear the sound
Cause how can you hear the truth, when your truth what you choose?
And how can you live your life, if in the end you'll always lose again

Verse 2
This message ends without my name
Cause it won't matter who you hear it from, your choice will be the same
And I pray that you may someday wake
From this comatose that's been induced, please realize it's fake

Where have you been?
Will you come home?


Can you hear me at the top of my lungs?
It's not too late to make lie undone
(You only get one chance to make this right
The choice you make decides your life)
Eternity won't let you go

If I could turn back time
Would it change your mind?
Well I can't press rewind, you'll have to learn what's right
Can you see
Into your future? I'm asking
Did you dream
Of what could happen?
If you just might be wrong
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Life Is Fatal Lyrics

Day Method – Life Is Fatal Lyrics