Hacking through it - Swinging blades
Undercover nightmare killer racing through your veins
Cutting corners - Chopping limbs
Devil-lover finger-pointer changing all your names
Secret weapon - Trapdoor key
Vengeance hammer, pay the debt, the bringer of the curse
Razor fever - Skin collage
Blinder of the sacred and the rapist of the dead

No... No... !

Running wild - Inside out
Cut to pieces, rearranged, then cut to shreds again
Forcing entry - Pulling teeth
Been here before but I'm sure I don't remember when
Eating soil - Burning bridge
No one is protected from my whipping discipline
Kill the traitors - Kill them all
Compost maggot, jack the ripper, paying for your sins

No... No... !
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Mudslicer Lyrics

Dawnbringer – Mudslicer Lyrics